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James Goldapp: Blog

Playing A Show Again

Posted on March 25, 2013

It has been a pleasure to play piano and horns in the Patsy Cline Remembered show in Branson.  Practicing and listening to other players is nice, but playing for an audience is hard to beat.  We have a very fine band that is fun to listen to.  I enjoy being around other musicians who enjoy playing their instruments.  The interplay between parts is what brings me the most enjoyment. 

It is also nice to be in an all "live" band.  No tracks here.  Just pure live music being played by "breathing" musicians.  Some of us better breathers than others, but at least we are breathing.  No, not every performance is perfect, but that is what playing live is all about.  I find it a challenge to try to play well everytime I turn the keyboard on.

I urge you to be a patron of live music whenever you can.  Paying a cover charge or a tip is appreciated, but positive comments from the audience can make a performance special.