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James Goldapp: Blog

Life as a musican-#3

Posted on October 20, 2011

Been awhile since I imparted any wisdom, so here goes.  Why do so many folks want us to play for free?  Do you call a plumber, and then ask him/her to work for free?  Can you get your car scoped at the dealership for free?  Probably not.

Of course there are charity events we all support.  Many of us play for free at our churches.  Maybe we have become a nation where everything is supposed to be free.   I suggest that if you want music for free, turn on the radio.  Build a nice band stand, put a radio up there and turn it on.  I wonder if anyone would really "get it". 

How about using tracks in your performance. Come to think of it, some "live shows" are even doing it now.  If you come to Branson, don't be suprised if you look around the theater for a band and don't see one.

I must admit I also cheat.  I have a solo act and I use tracks for my backgrounds.  I don't try to hide it like some do.  I will be the first to let you know that I use tracks.  Wonder how many "live shows" would advertise in the lobbly that all their music is not live.  Would you go to a show like that?  If you think I should defend myselt, I do make all my tracks in my own studio.  I do play live, and I do sing live.  The mistakes you hear are my own!

Having honesty and integrity I believe have alot to do with these problems.  Probably some greed also.  Being a professional musician is not an easy undertaking.  We all must make decisions about our own careers.  Just some thoughts to get you thinking.