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James Goldapp: Blog


Posted on October 5, 2012

Fraud.  What is it?  Would you know it if you saw/heard it?  Think about advertised LIVE MUSIC.  Did you go hear the live music?  Was it really live?

I must admit I cheat with my one man act.  I play horns (live) to pre-recorded tracks.  When I advertise myself I make sure to say I use recorded tracks.  It is quite obvious when when see my act.  I do arrange and record all my own tracks.  Does it bother you that sometimes we cheat like this?  I do it for simplicity reasons.  It is alot of work, but I have the skills to do it.

I live in a place where they advertise the LIVE MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.  What does that mean to you?  I would say, "there are five musicians on the stage and all are playing their instruments".  There is no recorded music at all.  No background tracks to "sweetin the sound".  If you only see a rhythm section and also hear horns, something is not right.  Is that FRAUD?  Probably.  How about seeing singers onstage with a microphone.  Are they singing live, or are they lip syncing to a background track?  I have heard of singers pre-recording their voice and singing with it so if they have a bad day the show can still go on.

I believe we are talking about INTEGRITY.  Are we getting what we payed for, or we getting a cheap imitation?   Does it really matter to you?  Obviously to some folks it doesn't.  The question is, what are we going to do about it?